All necklaces are crafted using natural stones therefore shapes, sizes and colours may differ slightly from what the pictures show. The Crystals used are created by volcanic activity and very durable however crystal can be a fragile material and can chip or break if knocked or dropped, so please take care when wearing.  

The majority of our items are Silver or Gold Electroplated. Plated items do tarnish over time however you should follow the following tips to slow the process down:

+Avoid letting your jewellery near perfume or any other beauty products. Allow your beauty products to soak in or dry before putting on your jewellery.

+Avoid getting your jewellery wet or leaving them in a hot and steamy environment such as the bathroom.

+Avoid sleeping in your jewellery.

+If your Jewels are looking a little dull you could try rubbing them with a jewellery cloth to bring back some of their sparkle!

+Our Jewellery is costume jewellery which means that we advise you to wear it on special occasions rather than every day. Again, this will slow down the tarnishing process.


For our Sterling Silver jewellery, please follow the tips above to keep them looking shiny and new! Do not wear your jewellery in the sauna/hot tub as this can oxidise the silver, giving it a darker appearance.


The majority of our plated items are copper based. Please be aware of this before purchasing.


All gemstones used are genuine semi-precious gemstones usually from Southern Brazil, unless stated otherwise.




Please note that we do not accept any responsibility for loss of orders due to incorrect address details provided when making a purchase. It is very important that you double check your address at checkout before making your purchase.